Rimu Room (2 1/2 years to 6 years)

In the Rimu Room we care and provide learning opportunities and activities for tamariki aged 2.5 years – 5 years of age. Like the Kowhai Room, the Rimu Room also runs with elements of the Pikler philosophy, RIE philosophy and is inspired by the working theories of Reggio Emilia. We believe that children are capable and competent individuals whose voice and opinions matter. We also strive to provide and nurture responsive and respectful relationships with families within our centre so that parent aspirations, cultural values, beliefs and needs are acknowledged and incorporated into planning for children. Our curriculum is child centered and developed around the interests and learning dispositions of our tamariki.

We also offer children the opportunity to join our Explorers and Investigators groups based on the ‘project approach’. These groups are arranged in age levels to ensure age appropriate activities and extensions. The Explorers group is for children aged 2.5 years – 4 years of age where the children are involved in gentle collaborative investigations based on the children’s common interests. The Investigator group is for children age 4-5 years old with a dual focus; investigating a shared interest and preparing tamariki with strategies and skills for starting school. The strategies include social and emotional support so that tamariki are well equipped for this transition. Literacy and numeracy are explored in authentic and meaningful ways as they present themselves in the children’s play and exploration. Lunch box days and school visits (where appropriate), are just some of the other aspects on offer to ensure a smooth transition to school.

Here in the Rimu Room we also pride ourselves on our excursions away from the centre. Currently we have 14 children attending swimming lessons during two sessions per week. Having a minivan on site ensures that learning opportunities out of the centre are possible.